Rental Policies

  1. Eligible Users: Only those Kitchen Users who have completed the Food Safety and Kitchen Orientation class, toured the kitchen and completed all necessary forms are allowed to rent the Value Added Kitchen (VAK) area. Employees must also adhere to the above policies. The kitchen has not been inspected and approved for catering.
  1. Slots: No more than ten 6-hour slots/individual/LLC/company, per month. 
  2. Entry/Exit Forms: All Users are required to fill out an Entry/Exit Form prior to using the VAK, and again upon departure, after cleaning the kitchen. If they are not filled out, a $25 fee will be charged.
  3. Parking: You may unload your vehicle in the loading dock area, but please move your vehicle to the main parking area after unloading.
  4. Children: No Children Under Age 16 are allowed in the kitchen when food processing is taking place. No unsupervised children are allowed in other areas of the facility at any time.
  5. Tours: As an educational facility, the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Madison County Center reserves the right to give tours of the kitchen unannounced. Upon entering the kitchen, visitors will wear hair restraints and disposable gloves. 
  6. Animals: Animals are not allowed inside the building at any time. 
  7. Smoking: No smoking inside the building at any time. Smoking is allowed on the outside of the building. Please discard cigarette butts appropriately in the decanters provided by the front door. 
  8. Eating and Drinking: No eating allowed in the kitchen and only drinks in covered containers are allowed in the food production area.
  9. Kitchen Wares: Users will provide their own cleaning towels, aprons, cooking items and any special kitchen items necessary to their specific production needs.
  10. Housekeeping: The kitchen must be cleaned to specifications and cleared of personal items. If a User fails to leave the facility in the proper condition, the User may receive a warning. Upon a second such failure, the User shall pay a fine of $25. Upon a third such failure, this Agreement may be terminated.
  11. Refrigerator: The refrigerator is only to be used while using the kitchen. Please remove items from the refrigerator at the end of your time slot. 
  12. Garbage Disposal: Please discard trash in the outside trash receptacles. Please break down cardboard boxes and place in the cardboard only receptacles next to trash receptacles. 
  13. Compost: Please place plant waste in outside compost bins. Before placing your compost in the first bin, please use the pitchfork to move a load of older compost to the second bin.
  14. Kitchen Property: Any equipment or other items belonging to the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Madison County Center will not be allowed to leave the premises by renters. 
  15. Noise: Please keep music and voices at a respectable level.
  16. Odors: Certain food odors (ferment, ramps, mushrooms, etc.) can be irritating to certain individuals. Not only do we have a “shared use kitchen” (VAK), but we also have a “shared use facility”. For this reason, the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Madison County Center has the right to deny usage of the VAK in the event that others (weddings, baby showers, etc.) will be renting our facility.  We will work with Users to accommodate them to another time slot(s). 
  17. We Provide: Cleaning solutions, paper towels, and trash liners.
  18. Other: N.C. Cooperative Extension, Madison County Center, Madison County Government and NCDA will not be liable for any food-borne illness outbreak from any products produced in the kitchen by the User. 
  19. All sold products must comply with any local, state, and/or federal rules and regulations.
  20. The VAK is a ‘use at your own risk’ facility. N.C. Cooperative Extension, Madison County Center is not responsible for product loss, personal property damage, or personal liability. 
  21. If you decide to sell your product(s), you must contact NCDA to schedule an inspection (984-236-4820). 
  22. NOTICE: This property is under 24 HOUR SURVEILLANCE.
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